Allison Robinett, Riley Robinett and Jiselle Moore repped Burn colors at the 2019 AAU Junior Olympics in Greensboro NC. Riley won a bronze medal in the turbo javelin


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We are open to athletes in grades 3 through 6

Our roster is full for the 2024 season.




​Salina Burn Track and Field Club

Kadyn Cobb, Luke Gleason, Jentrie Alderson, Ryan Heline, Shaylee Leiker, Peyton Griffin, Riley Counts, Dylan Sprecker and Javon Allen are Burners who competed at the 2019 Kansas State High School T&F Championships.

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Burners Dylan Sprecker, Luke Gleason, Ryan Heline and Jentrie Alderson won medals at the 2019 Kansas State High School Cross Country Championships. Dylan and Jentrie were 3A champs.


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The Salina Burn Track and Field Club was established in the spring of 2011. Enrollment has grown every year, reaching a total of 119 in 2018.


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