Allison Robinett, Riley Robinett and Jiselle Moore repped Burn colors at the 2019 AAU Junior Olympics in Greensboro NC. Riley won a bronze medal in the turbo javelin


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Burners Dylan Sprecker, Luke Gleason, Ryan Heline and Jentrie Alderson won medals at the 2019 Kansas State High School Cross Country Championships. Dylan and Jentrie were 3A champs.


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Kadyn Cobb, Luke Gleason, Jentrie Alderson, Ryan Heline, Shaylee Leiker, Peyton Griffin, Riley Counts, Dylan Sprecker and Javon Allen are Burners who competed at the 2019 Kansas State High School T&F Championships.

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The Salina Burn Track and Field Club was established in the spring of 2011. Enrollment has grown every year, reaching a total of 119 in 2018.


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